i've been on every honeymoon and here's what i've learned (new york magazine)

I was one bite into my omelet when it hit me: Everyone else here just had sex. And not lazy, weekend-morning sex, but all-out vacation sex — the kind that only seems possible in a king bed someone else will make later. Peeking up from my newspaper at my table for one, I surveyed the couples sitting around me at the adults-only beach resort in Aruba. Tan Europeans grazing each other’s knees between sips of espresso. Slightly sunburnt Americans clinking their mimosas together. Part of me was jealous of their postcoital bliss. Another part was glad not to have someone asking if I wanted to snorkel after breakfast. Mostly, I was very aware that I was the only person there without a partner... (Read the full story here)


How Moms are making money on instagram (refinery29)

Scroll through Ilana Wiles’ Instagram feed, @mommyshorts, and you’ll immediately find yourself pulled into a world of cuteness and fun: Disney-princess dresses, pajama hangouts, and floral crowns. It’s not that Wiles herself has an affinity for dressing up as Elsa from Frozen(although that’s one way to attract an audience); most of the images she posts are of her daughters, Mazzy, 6, and Harlow, 3. And while some of the photos she shares with her 136,000 followers aren’t all that different from what millions of other parents post of their children daily, Wiles is not just another proud parent on Instagram. She gets paid to do this... (Read the full story here)


why it's a great idea to travel without a plan (conde nast traveler)

“What are you going to do when you get there?” That’s the question my surprised friends and family asked last fall when I told them my long-term boyfriend and I had given up our apartment, put almost everything we owned in storage, and bought one-way tickets to Copenhagen—a destination chosen on the basis that the tickets were cheap (about $300 per person) and Denmark is supposedly home to the happiest people on earth, as well as some of the best restaurants on earth, which can’t be a coincidence. But the real pull was that, now in our thirties, Chris and I both recognized that it could be a long time before we’d have another opportunity to hit the pause button and jet like a couple of college backpackers: I’d switched from being a full-time magazine editor to a freelance writer. Chris left his day job and was about to start a new venture. With no kids and no mortgage, and aided by the less-busy shoulder season when hotels and flights are more available, we could take a breath and just see... (Read the full story here)


how to see yellowstone without the crowds (conde nast traveler)

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service, and while that’s good news for anyone looking to take advantage of centennial events such as concerts and festivals, it also means an increased chance of some pretty dreaded wildlife: tourists. Lots of them. Since Yellowstone is not only the country’s first national park but also, with more than 4 million visitors, one of the most popular, you’re guaranteed to encounter more crowds than bison… unless you know a few key secrets. So pack your bear spray—and your patience—and follow then these tips to seeing Yellowstone in its most natural state, sans selfie sticks... (Read the full story here)


One Man’s Bold Quest To Lure Cool New Yorkers To The City’s Least-Hip Borough (fast company)

Staten Island is one of New York’s five boroughs, but it seems like another world. Nobody goes there except for tourists who want to ride the free ferry and residents commuting home. The cool kids across the river have long laughed at the perennially unhip borough, treating it–if they ever think about it at all–like some loud, embarrassing cousin who you pray doesn’t show up at your birthday party and hit on your Warby Parker-wearing friends. The stereotypes can be ruthless: Mob Wives, tanning, SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!, hair gel. Three members of the Jersey Shore cast were actually Staten Islanders. But here’s the thing: how many smug New Yorkers who mock that land on the other side of the ferry have actually spent any time there? What if Staten Island secretly has the potential to be…kind of cool? (Read the full story)


can a birkin steal your soul? an interview with primates of park avenue author wednesday martin (glamour)

"There is a fair amount of dish, but it's dish with a doctorate," says Wednesday Martin as we sit down at a cafe on Manhattan's Upper West Side. She's talking about her new memoir, Primates of Park Avenue, which examines the lives of other wealthy Manhattan moms almost as much as her own over the course of six years she spent living on the posh Upper East Side. The book is framed as an anthropological study of sorts—hence the title—but it's Martin herself who has been keenly observed leading up to its release, whether on Facebook feeds or in the press. Ginia Bellafante wrote in The New York Times that Martin "seemed to so thoroughly embrace the manners of the women she had written about with such an imperious strain of sympathy." Page Six claims that women in Martin's circle have been "panicking" about what she might reveal... (Read the full story here)


my grandma's lingerie (redbook)

When the news came that my Gram had only a few months to live after a long battle with ovarian cancer in 2008, the hospice nurse sat me down and said that if she tried to give me anything, I should let her. "It will help her accept what's happening," she told me. For this reason, I followed Gram, whom the rest of the world knew as Maryann Chizmar, as she led me into her guest room one day, saying she had something for me. I can't remember what I was expecting on that short walk down the hallway. Candlesticks, or a vase — maybe an old family scrapbook. Whatever my vision was, it vanished the second she opened the closet doors, revealing a rack of silk nightgowns and lacy, see-through nothings... (Read the full story here)